Week One: Introducing Growth Mindset (copied from biglifejournal)

This week, children will learn about the concept of mindset and how the two types, growth and fixed, differ. You will also discuss the BRAIN and how it can grow and strengthen in response to challenges.

Step 1: Build The Foundation

1. What does it mean to GROW? What kinds of things grow? Growth means to develop, change, mature, evolve. Living things grow – plants,

animals, and people. Even our brains can grow!

2. When you think of the brain or minds, what do you think MINDSET means? Mindset is the way our brain perceives ourselves and the world. Our mindset helps us look at problems and mistakes in a positive way!

3. Let’s put those words together: growth and mindset. When we combine

them, it means something really important. What could growth mindset mean? A growth mindset is believing in the power of yourself and your brain! We know our intellect and abilities develop when we try hard things, use the right strategies, and don’t give up. So a growth mindset is when we know, with practice, we will get better at something.

4. If fixed is the opposite of growth, what does it mean to have a FIXED mindset? A fixed mindset means you think you can’t get better at things, even if you practice. Wanting to quit, give up, or deciding we’re just not good at something are all the clues we have a fixed mindset.

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